Bud Caddell is a change-maker and a cultural curator.

I forget how I first came across Bud on Twitter, but I had already been following him by the time I had the opportunity to chat with him in person at Grant McCracken’s Chief Culture Officer Boot Camp. Bud’s a wicked-smart, culturally-aware, and downright talented man who authors one of my favorite reads on this here Internets – What Consumes Me. It’s an aptly named blog for the curiosity that drives Bud. That curiosity is what consumes me, too. I have flipped my life on its head because of that curiosity. And based on the number of people I’ve surrounded myself with lately who also seem to have caught this bug, I am incredibly bullish on supporting Bud’s new project: The Bucket Brigade.

The Bucket Brigade is the formal proposal for a new book Bud will pen with contributions and support through the micro-funding site, Kickstarter. My excitement over the work Fred Benenson (another of my connections) and the industrious crew at Kickstarter is an whole ‘nuther blog post.  Today, it’s about Mr. Bud Caddell.  The basic idea behind is project is this: Read the rest of this entry »


Updating Website

June 2, 2010

Hello!  If you’ve landed here because you’re somehow curious about sheilagermain.com, fear not!  You are in the right place…kind of.  Actually, consider it the on-deck circle.

The website is not my blog.  But the blog will (hopefully) be one of the most active parts of my website.  I am in the throws of creating a whole new environment for sheilagermain.com. I’m in the finishing phase right now and linking things to other things and making sure all of the bells and whistles do the appropriate dinging and chirping.

Thanks for your interest, patience and understanding!  Construction is always a challenge, but generally pretty rewarding.

Here’s a preview:

It's the landing page. Spiffy, right?