I am a pretty simple woman. I am an (occasionally) brazen: Brand Whisperer. Creative Director. Fencer. Design/Communications Entrepreneur. Redhead. Double-Leo.

Being a double-Leo, I hardly need a reason to create a ridiculously long “About Me” page.  However, this is more of a little nod to the bio of my fellow brand builder, “the brandbuilder,” Olivier Blanchard. Once I was done laughing at his extensive length (*blink*), I thought, “Yeah, I just can’t top that.” And so, as Lipton to Pivot and the famous Proust Questionnaire, I shall attempt to pay homage to Monsieur Blanchard for his wonderful wit and consistent righteousness:

Name: Sheila Germain

Born: A suburb of Detroit, August 5, 19-something, 4:47 AM

Residence: NYC. Since 1996

Occupation: Principal at Sheila Germain LLC, a NYC-based brand strategy consultancy.

Height: 5’10 ½”

Weight: Enough to throw around (when necessary); otherwise, I am a waif-like, petite fleur.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Languages: English 100%. Little known fact: I was originally a linguistics major in college 1.0. I spoke French (7 yrs), German (2), Spanish (2), Italian (1), and Russian (1). Now, I speak 100% English with a smattering of Greek, oddly enough. Seriously.

Current Chairs and Boards: 4 Dining and 1 Ironing

Social Media + Charity: My 2nd "SBS" Event (250 attendees from around globe)

My Professional Background in 80 words or less: Self-promotion, presentation, design, and service-based/consultancy-style solution-driven projects have been at the core since Day 1. 11-years as a professional interior designer. Moved NYC, a fortuitous interview with Joe Fezcko (EVP, Marketing; started his fantastic career in brand marketing as an interior designer) and landed brand-side of Federated’s Int’l Sales Division as Brand Director. A decade of consulting start-ups to Fortune 500s later, I’ve been blessed to produce work and surround myself with the leading-edge thinkers and doers in marketing, new media and technology.

What I Do: I merge creative strategies and technology platforms for growth. I create the ethos, zeitgeist, and pulse of an idea.  I help companies develop, build, integrate, manage and measure brand performance across interpersonal and technological experiences. I also help companies manage their reputations online and offline, and establish leadership in their markets.  I host the cocktail party.

FansculptingTM, Pied-piperingTM, Creative CradlingTM are all signature processes I use to develop B2F (Brand-to-Fan) synergy – connectivity and exchange. If you would like to know more about these processes, please ask!

For the past 2 ½ years, my “free” time has been spent developing and integrating these processes for long-standing clients while flying a little under the radar. My “scheduled” time has been about hardcore personal, professional, and intellectual development. In January 2008, I began a journey toward a PhD, Cultural Anthropology (Interdisciplinary). Since then, I’ve been laying the foundation and building a structure that will not only afford an incredible interplay between my professional and academic worlds, but to highlight how such an integrated and interdisciplinary architecture can be a profound asset to both sides.

Working after-hours...

From 1-on-1 to a team of 40, I am a guide in the process of creative brand development.  In our world of sustainability, I guide those who are curious on how to separate the seedlings from the weeds through to the best and most responsible practices for manufacturing the off-shoots for the greatest yield.  Ideas are wonderfully sustainable and highly valuable, if well-managed.

I create. I teach. I learn. I develop. I produce. I grow.

(Note to Olivier: What was I thinking? Good lord, I have things to do!)

Blogs: ‘She’ Signs Off

Professional Summary: Senior-level brand strategist with wicked cultural intermediation, social provocation + creative direction skills. Solution-oriented + results-driven in:

  • Brand Strategy (Conception through Management)
  • Creative Services (Team + Production Management)
  • Brand Repositioning + Development (ReBranding)
  • Creative Direction (Concept Development)
  • Alternative Media + Services (Information Integration + Migration)
  • Social Media + Network Interaction (Community Building)

Education: BFA, Fine Arts; BA, Creative Direction + Arts Management; And, MA (Candidate), Branding + Creative Communication. Goal: PhD, Cultural Anthropology (Interdisciplinary) in 2015.

Other Interests: Innovation, design, fencing, photography, sailing,  scouting urban antiquities, ethnography, anthropology (and a bunch of other “ologies”), well-designed infographics and visual communications, fonts, stalking the galleries and museums of NYC (and elsewhere), restaurant design (my original plan), the details in everything, Sunday morning Bloody Mary’s,  live music, and Australian meat pies.

Friendly Fire: this wasn't from the Olympian. This was from a teammate trying to teach me to Parry 3.

Random facts: I moved to NYC with $200 in my pocket and a signed lease. I don’t remember looking up for the first year and was pretty much exhausted for the first two. If I watch an hour of television a week, it is about standard. If I watch 2-hours, I’m probably sick. That said, I am very well-versed on what’s happening from DWTS to Weeds to Wired to Google. I make a point to know what’s happening in the mediaverse. Technically, I took my first fencing class in January 2006, but tore the muscle in my right quad at about the 6-week point. I believe that if you’re going to do something, then you should do it all the way. So, when I went back to school, instead of paying to take a fencing class, I decided to join the Varsity NCAA, Division 1 (I go to a Div III university, but the fencing team is considered the only Div I team at the university because all of the regional competitors are Div I) fencing team. In my first competition, I fenced an Olympian. A heaping platter of humility and fortitude was for lunch that day.

Turnons: Big thinkers, the sound of genuine laughter, small and out of the way corners (best for observation), listening to a really inspired stream of consciousness, Artesinal goods, risk-takers, vision, talent, courage, honesty, integrity, imagination, enthusiasm, good manners, genuine smiles, great ideas. (Credit: vision à were noted by Olivier, but I concur.)

Turnoffs: Crowdsourcing creative ideas – it undermines and devalues creativity, and in most cases, it strips intellectual property rights from its creators; open-source brainstorming and social engagement (research) with consumers is collaborative, anything that is “played out,” lousy customer service, artificial anything, manuals, bad grammar, a lack of couth, fearful narrow-minded people, social climbers, hypocrisy, selfishness, racism, sexism, greed, fear of failure, intellectual laziness, self-righteous armchair quarterbacks. (Credit: Kept a few of Olivier’s in here, as well. :-D)


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